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  • Reflux and Silent Reflux, if your small child has already established it, you will understand upfront just how heartbreaking it may be to see your little angel in pain. This condition is the place babies will either regularly mention their feeds, often crying, very unsettled and possess bouts of inconsolable crying as a result of stomach acid.…[Read more]

  • Anger management for kids is usually a hurdle for kids along with parents, and eventhough it can be a hurdle, are aware that hurdles aren’t road blocks, these are there to be jumped over. Jumping over the hurdle of anger management for the children takes logic, but the one things it takes that logic doesn’t mix well with is emotion.

    Since the…[Read more]

  • If you recently were clinically determined to have ADHD then you might be confused. You probably are asking a variety of questions such as "What is ADHD?", "Does this mean I am disabled?", or "How will this affect my life?" For adults, receiving this diagnosis can be more confusing. After all, it is a child’s disease, right? I was diagnosed at 27…[Read more]

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