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  • Maintain a Top 10 List by gathering information such as the decision makers name, mailing address and phone number. Stay connected with them about your cleaning service every 1 month. No other kind of marketing is more efficient and costs so little as a direct approach to the choice makers. This includes phone calls, letters, and even welcoming…[Read more]

  • Do more research, go to cleaning equipment dealers and discover where to get cheap cleaning materials. Find out how to promote your company. Learn to do your own accounting. If you don’t have adequate capital you get a loan from a bank. If you intend to obtain money, be sure to prepare a company plan.

    It is always a good concept to get…[Read more]

  • Deal with your funds. Any service financial investment needs money capital and it is, in truth, the greatest requirement you need to have. If you have actually ended up setting up your company strategy, you would most probably have a concept on just how much you will need to put up business. Deal with your available funds as much as possible you…[Read more]

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