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  • My definition of poor posture is simple: any habitual, self-imposed positioning that causes physical stress, especially coping poorly with postural tests. A postural challenge is anything that clarifies that it’s harder to maintain a comfortable posture, such as work. A major source of postural challenges every single our lives is awkward tool…[Read more]

  • Necessary . force yourself to earnestly sit or stand straight up is so ineffective and pointless that I wouldnt even bring it up, except that its actually the default tactic. This is what most people do.

    When people decide they will really need to just work at their posture, they usually dont have any clear idea what they will do. Most people…[Read more]

  • fix posture can get us into an emotional mentality. This is a more subtle postural problem: comfortableness zone problem. (I promised not to spend long on it, but mmorpgs and get a section.)

    Its relatively obvious that posture is shaped by mood and all forms of other social and emotional factors. But this double-edged sword might cut the…[Read more]

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