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  • I want to start off by saying it’s not a political piece, nor could it address anything to do with the U.S. medical care system, national or otherwise.

    It seems greater advanced medicine gets, greater we have to be our own medical advocates. We must know and understand our very own bodies and take responsibility when deciding to take proper them.…[Read more]

  • As a pediatrician using a holistic medicine practice, I see kids of age groups for assorted reasons possibly at various stages of development. Seeing children with excessive worry or anxiety has grown to be commonplace and I’d like to explore the possible logic behind why. Back inside the 1990’s, I recall seeing children in my practice who had…[Read more]

  • Do you need to use one of people tools which enables you attain the canned peaches at the rear of the tall cabinet? Beware! According to the information inside the online article "Your Body’s Ten Weirdest Health Clues," if you’re not a long-armed lucky, you may be in danger of Alzheimer’s:

    "Have a hard time reaching the top your kitchen cabinets?…[Read more]

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