Elements Rolling Papers


If there ever was a perfectly thought out rolling paper, it would be the Elements brand rolling paper.

With the tag line of “All you need is fire” these papers are our current goto roll.
They’re rated as an Ultra thing paper, and they definitely excel at quite a few things that we generally take for granted.

Element papers are a premium paper made from natural materials – Rice and Sugar. They are not produced using harsh chemicals and burn with almost zero ash except for the natural sugar based gum which turns into caramel as it burns. Each leaf is also marked with a proprietary crosscross watermark which prevents runs/canoeing and allows for a smooth even burn.

the first thing you will notice is the packaging features a magnetic closure,   this is fantastic and means no more crumpled papers that you need to peel away before you can start your roll.
After being impressed with that you’ll be greeted with a beautifully packaged set of rolling leaves for your use. The Marijuana Militia can definitely confirm that this pattern does help with the canoeing that we get with our sloppy hastily rolled joints, and we definitely think everyone should be doing this with their papers.

All of this pales in comparison to the handiest feature, the “Warning” paper, this leaf is slipped in just before the end of your pack to remind you that it’s time to get some more, I mean really who hasn’t run out of papers? Never again with these great leaves will you be left out, when your down to your last few rolling leaves Elements prompts you with a warning paper that simply states “You’re about to run out” 

So without a doubt we can definitely review these papers as 4 stars, we would gladly have given a better review, but at this point nothing is perfect and we’ll update with more details as we burn a few more Jay’s with these fantastic papers.  If your local cannabis retailer doesn’t stock these items, feel free to get them online from us directly or any of our approved partners.

Happy Toking!

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