5 Benefits of Using a Bong

Nothing beats a bong for a smooth smoking experience. The idea of smoking through water is almost as ancient as the smoking culture itself. But what was the reason behind humanity’s decision to invent a new way to ingest therapeutic herbs.

Major Bong Types

Bongs have come a long way since the first homosapien toker decided to craft one from a bamboo tube. Modern bongs filter smoke in a variety of ways, including:

  • Standard bongs simply use water to filter the smoke.
  • Ice bongs cool the smoke even further to allow for a super-smooth hit. These bongs have notches inside the tube, which catch pieces of ice as they melt.
  • Recyclers: Recycling bongs use a two-chamber system to cool down herb smoke.
  • Percolators: Percolators provide an extra level of cooling and filtration. Mechanisms range from inline, tree, showerhead, and honeycomb-style percolators.

All of this extra filtration comes with distinct advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using a bong.

1. Bongs Produce Smoother Hits

One major flaw of consuming cannabis through combustion (smoking) is that it can irritate the throat when inhaling. As hot smoke enters directly into the lungs with joints, blunts, or dry pipes, it produces an unpleasant burning feeling that might deter newbies (or people who are not used to smoking).

With a bong, the smoke cools down in the bongwater before you inhale it, providing you with a smoother hit. Of course, you’ll still cough here and there, but in general, toking from a bong is infinitely healthier than smoking.

2. Better Filtration

Lighting anything on fire produces carcinogens. Unfortunately, a bong can’t completely eliminate all carcinogens and other toxins. However, using a bong can significantly reduce the number of harmful compounds that end up in your lungs, as they are filtered through the water.

In addition, water filters out nasty byproducts of combustion, such as tar. As any experienced toker can attest, swallowing a tarry chunk of ash is one of the more unpleasant aspects of herb smoking. With bongs, those ash and tar particles stay in the water instead of entering your mouth. If you want to have an even cleaner experience, add an ash-catcher attachment to your bong.

3. Bongs Reduce Bacteria and Mold

Bongwater traps bacteria and mold to reduce the number of microbes that you inhale. Cannabis users tend to pass joints, pipes, and bongs around, which also passes illnesses. With a bong, some of those contaminants get filtered through the water instead of your lungs.

To get the most benefits from your bong, you should change the water between smoking sessions. A weekly deep clean with alcohol and Epsom salt is also a good idea. If you share your bong, you may want to wipe the mouthpiece off with an alcohol swab between each smoker to prevent sharing more than your high.

4. Getting Bigger Hits

Using a glass bong is a favorite of many experienced stoners. The reason? It is the only method that allows users to take a massive rip. Theoretically, you could fill the container with smoke and take it all in one hit. Although massive hits aren’t the healthiest way to consume an herb, they sure can be fun. After all, it only takes a few bong rips to get the party started.

It goes without saying that new users should tread with caution and work their way to bigger hits.

5. Bongs are Fun!

Bongs are not only practical, but they can be excellent conversation starters. Glass is a versatile material that comes in a range of colors. The moldability of glass allows artists to craft artistic bongs in an endless variety of shapes. 

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Written by Terry Wrist

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