Review: CANACA Indica 30 Pre-Rolls

The high was great … the effort getting there was a pain in the ass.

We’ve smoked a lot of pre-rolled joints over the years, at one point they were our most common submission, but the one thing we can’t handle is a joint that is “UNSMOKEABLE”.

It was like sucking a golf ball through a garden hose, and unless we’re hanging out with your mom, that’s not what we’re looking for.

Based on the high, and the shitty rolling job that made them barely smokeable …

3 Stars, or 6 / 10

Vendors Details:

Canaca’s Indica 30 pre-rolls are carefully crafted using a proprietary blend of highly aromatic trichome-dense, hand-harvested Indica whole flower to yield a delightful combination of fruity, herbal and earthy flavours. This convenient 3-pack of 0.5 g pre-rolls provides a potent THC experience with a good burn.

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Written by Terry Wrist

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